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New To The Area?


There Are Many New Homeowners In Fairfax, VA and Surrounding Areas That Are Uninformed About Their Home's Gutter System And How To Properly Care For Their New Home.
We Encourage You To Take A Moment To Educate Yourself About Your Gutter System And How It Can Affect You, Your Home And Your Wallet If Neglected For Even 3-4 Months!

Q: How often should I clean my gutters?

We recommend cleaning your gutters 4 times per year for optimal performance.  Many Homes Are Okay With 2-3 Cleanings A Year IF YOU HAVE LITTLE OR MEDIUM TREES  AROUND YOUR HOME

Q: When are the 4 recommended times to clean my gutters?

A: 1) Early Spring - Mid to late March. During the winter, rough weather will pull the leaves as well as twigs and other debris off the trees. Early spring is also the time most animals will start making nests. This cleaning will also get you ready for the April Showers
2) Late Spring - Mid to late June. after all the seed pods, blossoms; “helicopters” are done falling. These will clog gutters as well as the leaders and any underground drains on the system. These seed pods will soon germinate and you will have trees growing out of your gutters!
) Early Fall
- Mid to late October. All summer long thunder showers and heavy rains have pulled leaves off the trees and washed them into you gutters and downspouts! This cleaning will also catch the first wave off leaves shedding off the trees. This cleaning will also help should we get an early freeze and are unable to get to the late fall cleaning.
) Late Fall
- Late November early December.  After most leaves are done falling. This will help protect your gutter system over the winter and until your next gutter maintenance in Early Spring.

Q: Do You Offer Multiple Cleanings A Year At A Reduced Rate?

A: YES!  We Encourage All Homeowners To Take Advantage Of Our ANNUAL CLEANING PROGRAM.

Do I Need To Be Home When My Gutters Are Cleaned?

No, We Do a Great Job Regardless If You Are Home or Not!
(Just Call (703) 403-4714 For More Info.)

Q: What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

A: We Accept Cash And Personal Checks At This Time.

Q: Do you offer a Senior Citizen Discount?

Yes, Gutter Doctor Values Our Senior Citizens, And The Discount Is 10%! In Fact, We Also Offer Discounts To Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Realtors, Public Safety, Military, And More! These Discounts Range From 5-10%!

Q: Do You Recommend Gutter Screens, Covers, or Guards?

A: We Install Flex Gutter Guards and We Stand Behind All of the Products That We Install and Services That We Perform! Our Flex Gutter Guards Are Backed By Our 
10 Year Full Warranty With Annual Maintenance!  The Best In The Industry!

Q: Do Solid Metal Gutter Covers Work?

A: No!
  In Our Opinion, and According To Our Customers And Technicians who, On A Daily Basis See And Evaluate A Number Of Different Covered And Uncovered Gutter Systems, The Answer Is No!  In Fact, Most Solid Gutter Companies Offer A Lifetime guarantee which is not even close to a 1 year warranty! 

Q: What Is The Best Way To Protect And Care For My Gutter System?

A: We Feel The Best Way To Maintain Your Gutter System Is By Regular Cleaning/Maintenance. The Answer Is Not To Cover Your Gutter System And Forget About It! All Gutter Systems Covered Or Not, Require Routine Yearly Maintenance To Prevent Leaky Roofs and Basements, Rotten Fascia/Soffit, Damaged Gutter Systems, Etc., 

NOTE: Most Solid Metal Gutter Covers DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED AND IN FACT, Must Be Replaced After As Little As
1 YEAR!!!!!  

Smart Alternative:   Flex Gutter Guards from Gutter Doctor -Includes Our FULL 10 Year Warranty W/ Annual Maintenance!  It's A Win-Win Situation!
    Q: Can't I Just Clean My Gutters Once A Year Or So?
    • A: Many Homeowners have been misinformed! They think the gutter system on their home does not need to be maintained, or that covered gutter systems or the occasional yearly cleaning is enough maintenance....IT ISN'T!!! When leaves and debris build up, water has no place to go but to seep into the roof or to spill over onto the walls and foundation of the house. We have seen fascia and soffit rot from the exposure of rainfalls of a single season, and many wet basements with foundation problems, and attics destroyed by roof leaks! The fact is that homes are made of wood and at a minimum a spring and fall gutter cleaning should be a priority for homeowners. Homes with heavy tree cover should have 3 or 4 Gutter Cleanings every year!

    "Knowledge Is Power"

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